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                                                                         My commission book is open.
                                                 If you are interested in discussing a commission please

                                    Below are examples of some of the commissions that I have completed
I have worked on various pet portrait commissions. They are colour pencil drawings in 3 different sizes that can be viewed on the Pet Portrait commission page.
This commission was for a client who requested a composition of Thistles and Knapweed with bees and butterflies. The composition was to be divided into 4 pieces that could be hung separately whilst still working overall as one composition. These pieces were completed in watercolour paint.
Louise Meny Art
Louise Meny Art
Louise Meny Art
I produced a collection of 8 seabirds. Each piece was a small A5 sized watercolour painting of a seabird that could then be framed individually and used as centre pieces at a wedding reception.

One of the paintings was used as the basis for part of the wedding invitation design. 
This commission was for a client who requested a watercolour painting of a mini cyclamen as this is her favourite plant. I created a composition using the various elements of the plant and worked with a plant which was the colour that the client preferred for the painting. 
Louise Meny Art
Louise Meny Art
My client of this commission requested that I do a screen print of an African landscape. Using a photo that they had taken they were looking for me to create a unique edition of 1 print to make a very special birthday present for a loved one. I worked with the client using their photo to create a vibrant screen print of the African sand dunes. 
rabbit 2.jpg

My clients for this commission asked me to use a photo canvas that they have as the reference for a watercolour painting.
They really liked the seascape in the photo but they wanted something a bit more unique and special to go with their refurbishment.
We discussed what they were looking for and I presented 3 different compositions that I created using the photo.  They chose the composition that they liked best and I then worked on the painting.

seascape commission.jpg
This two-plate etching was commissioned by a client who had purchased one of my small Orkney Landscape etchings.  
She liked the image and asked if I could create an etching very similar to the small piece but in a much larger size.
I worked on the two etching plates to create an image similar to the smaller piece.  I added in details so that the larger image had interest and tone.  I then printed the plates to create this etching.
This commission was for a client who requested two pieces to fit frames that they already had.  The frames were long and thin and they wanted compositions of plants that would trail or climb. 
We agreed on this Clematis and Rose which would work in the colour of the frames.  These pieces were completed in colour pencil.
This commission was done using a photo that was taken by my client on a trip to Knockhill. They wanted an atmospheric print that focused on the cars so I adapted the image from the photo and removed the buildings and spectators in the background to create this colourful racing scene. 
I was approached by a the owner of a flower shop called all in a flower who was looking for a logo for her shop. She was unable to find a logo which she felt was suitable but she liked the style of my floral card designs. She therefore asked if I would be able to design a logo for her shop. There was a card design that she particularly liked therefore I sold the design to her to use exclusively for her shop.
tulip 3.jpg
My client for this commission requested that I do a Screen print of a flower chosen from a selection of photos that she had taken. Her idea was to do the same image in 3 small prints with the flower a different colour in each. The prints would then be framed and hung together as a series. 

After meeting with my client and looking through her photos we discussed the images and I advised her on the best ones for the Screen print. 
I then worked with the chosen photo to do the drawings required for the screen print and after consulting my client on the colours for the 3 prints I produced the three prints below. 
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