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Whilst studying a degree in Interior Design at Edinburgh College of Art I discovered printmaking. I took it as a second subject during the degree where I focused on screenprinting and etching. 

After graduating I became a member of the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop where over the last twenty years I have focused on developing my skills in screen printing and etching and building up a portfolio.

Initially during my time in art college my main inspiration was architecture and interiors. After graduating this expanded to include the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and the Botanical Glasshouses. Through the prints I produced at this time I was able to experiment with various techniques and begin to develop my style. 

Having achieved this I began working on a new series of prints which has taken me in a different direction. This new set of prints takes inspiration from the Scottish landscape. My particular interest is in compositions that incorporate dramatic skies. This allows for more abstract images in my etchings and a range of mark making in my screenprints.

Alongside this series of prints I have produced a small series of prints inspired by my trips to Les Vosges and Alsace in France. 

I am currently expanding my skills and have returned to photo etching which allows me to convert my sketchbook work into etchings. This is mainly floral sketches which allow me to play around with more abstract compositions and colour. I am also starting to combine etching and screen printing. 
For a long time I have had an interest in botanical illustration and in 2016 I took the opportunity to start learning the skills by taking the Certificate course in Botanical Ilustration at RBGE. I loved this course and learning the new skills so I progressed on to the Diploma in Botanical Illustration which I completed with distinction in 2019. The course has shown me the details that are around us in nature and how I can convey these in my art. I am particularly interested in showing dissections in my work. As I look to develop my skills I am exploring drawing and painting different plants. I am drawn to interesting flowers and seed pods. I am now beginning to broaden my subject matter to include birds, butterflies, bees and ladybirds. I hope this will add another side to my work. 
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