I produce beautiful unique pet portraits.  I work hard to produce a drawing that captures your pets beauty and personality.

This is an etching commission where I produce a photo etching of your pet.  To create the etching image I first produce a drawing that I can then use in the photo etching process to create the etching plate. It is printed as a unique edition of one print.

With this listing I have included an image of a dog etching that I have done as an example of what I can produce. 

The original drawing that was used as the image for the etching was drawn using one of the pet owners photographs that we agreed on as the reference image.


The pet portrait is an etching of your beloved pet and measures approx 18 x 20 cm.  It is printed on Hannemuhle paper.


I just need a clear good quality photo of your pet that you would like me to work from.  You are welcome to send more than one photo to help with colour and markings.  The more detail that can be seen in the photo the better as this helps me to produce a better quality drawing.

Just email your photo to louisemeny@hotmail.com.


There are limited slots available each month and I aim to complete each commission within 6-8 weeks.


If you would like something a little different from what is listed here please email me at louisemeny@hotmail.com.  I am always happy to discuss different commission options.

Pet Portrait Commission Etching

  • Etching hand printed on Hannemuhle paper

  • Shipping & Returns:

    1. All of our items are shipped via Royal Mail. Higher value items such as artwork and commissions are shipped via Royal Mail tracked service.

    2. If Royal Mail fail to deliver your items, we will issue a claim, following a 14 day wait period, as stated by Royal Mail Terms and Conditions.

    3. If your parcel arrives damaged in any way, please contact us straight away to let us know at louisemeny@hotmail.com.  We may kindly ask for supporting pictures. 

    3. All of our items (artwork and products) are sold as seen.  Commissions are handmade to order and sold as seen.

    4. Returns are permitted within 3 days of receipt of your items.  

    ​5. Returns are not permitted for bespoke items (pet portraits and commissions)

    6. Refunds will be issued for our product items, if a fault is found within the 3 days of receipt and a suitable resolution cannot be reached.

    7. In order to issue a Refund, requested photos should be emailed to louisemeny@hotmail.com within 3 days of receipt. 

    8. We may ask you to return the item back to us. If a fault is found and a resolution cannot be reached, we will refund the return postage and the full payment paid

    9. Refunds will not be issued for bespoke items (pet portrait, commissions) if a fault is found, please contact us to enable us to resolve it as quickly as possible